Saturday night was a special night for those who attended the Old Town Hall Theatre in Newmarket. We were all treated to an amazing and soulful performance by Glenn Marais and a collection of his talented friends.

This was a special night for Glenn as he proudly celebrated the release of two brand new CDs. One titled Preachin’ From Down Low, that is a live recording that Glenn made in October 2016, and is a musical journey of the amazing Delta Blues. The second is called The Mojo Train and showcases The Glenn Marais Band and their funky R&B, rockin blues sound. Both CDs are great and not only show Glenn’s passion for music but his amazing diverse talent. He is a Juno nominated singer/guitarist who oozes positivity and creativity.

On Saturday night, he provided us with a really unique show, and I dare say presentation on black history with an account of the struggles of African Americans in our past. And Glenn really educated us on how this affected and shaped some of the music of the past. The delta blues, rich with soul and tradition. And Marais, supported by a large group of amazing talented artists did a great job of delivering this sound and feel to us all through their songs. The members of the Glenn Marais Band filled in the rich sound and some excellent backing vocals from Bernadette Connors and Karin Simpson made the music even sweeter. That was the first half of the show.

Original article/image by Scott Burns.

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