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Dance with Fear Live in the Light is Author, Glenn Marais’ first collection of poetry. Glenn is an award winning musician with a Juno Nomination and a Socan Number One award. Glenn has been a songwriter for over 30 years and a writer most of his life. This collection is a culmination of his life experiences and feelings and thoughts on the world. Glenn is a believer in big dreams and challenges and this book is a lifelong dream come true. This quote speaks volumes for his philosophy on life and approach to his work.”Always reach for the furthest horizon, through uncharted waters. That’s where the magic awaits.”Chapter Five of the book shares the journey and insights Glenn has accumulated working with Indigenous Youth in the Northern Ontario. He has worked in the north since 2006 with national charity DAREarts and with Artscan Circle from 2017-2020. His passion for building lasting relationships and partnerships with communties and their youth is a life long passion for Glenn. This book is just the beginning for Glenn and he is already hard at work on his next book.


Find my published chapter in – Community Music at the Boundaries

Music lives where people live. Historically, music study has centred on the conservatory, which privileges the study of the Western European canon and Western European practice . The Eurocentric way music has been studied has excluded communities that are considered to be marginalized in one or more ways despite that the majority of human experiences with music is found outside of that realm. Community music has emerged as a counter-narrative to the hegemonic music canon: it seeks to increase the participation of those living on the boundaries.

Community Music at the Boundaries explores music and music-making on those edges. “The real power of community music,” writes Roger Mantie in the foreword, “lies not in the fiction of trying to eliminate boundaries (or pretending they don’t exist), but in embracing the challenge of ’walking‘ them. ” Contributions from scholars and researchers, music practitioners, and administrators examine the intersection of music and communities in a variety of music-making forms: ensembles, university and police choirs, bands, prison performing groups, youth music groups, instrument classes, symphonies, drum circles, and musical direction and performance. Some of the topics explored in the volume include education and change, music and Indigenous communities, health and wellness, music by incarcerated persons, and cultural identity. By shining a light on boundaries, this volume provides a wealth of international perspectives and knowledge about the ways that music enhances lives.


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