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“Music is the Pill”

I consider myself to be a writer first and foremost. I am a songwriter, poet, author, and playwright. My love of music has driven my career and in particular my songwriting and guitar playing to where I consider myself to be an artist. Not just a musician, but an artist with the capacity and ability to organize and connect people and create projects on a large scale that ultimately seek to benefit and enrich the lives of people in my community.

I am driven by the desire to help people, to make their lives better and in the process, my own heart has grown and gotten bigger and my art and music have flourished. I am always working on numerous projects at once, but my main focus now is a follow up album for Glenn Marais and the Mojo Train, a delta blues gospel record and musical play, entitled Jook, a follow up to my first book of Poetry, Dance with Fear, Live in the Light, entitled Life Makes a Pretty World, my first novel and a brand-new conscious clothing line, Maraispeak that features my own motivational quotes and excerpts from poems in customizable designs.


"Rarely does a school administrator have the opportunity to work with and learn from a human spirit as giving and compassionate as Glenn Marais. Glenn is a performer, social justice advocate, songwriter, intellect and motivational speaker of very high repute. His is a soul that soars above the fray of life, and lifts peoples’ spirits and lives to betterment through his commitment to building a better, more compassionate world through engaging students in the arts. He has a gift for writing and inspiring. His core values of caring, equity and inclusivity continue to guide him in making a positive difference in the lives of those with whom he interacts. I know Glenn to be a person of great integrity and passion for all of his work. An artistic leader of Glenn’s calibre seldom comes around."
Stephen Helston
Principal York Region District School Board

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Glenn Marais is an ever evolving artist pushing the envelope of creation and engagement through music, poetry, inspirational events and community projects that unite and inspire. As an educator whose work is beyond the classroom, lifting young people up and instilling the power of belief and self love. He is a force and a powerful advocate for change through the arts.

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